Versago* is a true platform technology, spanning several fields with its unique design. Our patented technology displaces multiple traditional access applications in Apheresis and Chemotherapy, and opens several new ones such as Total Parenteral Nutrition, CAR-T and Hemodialysis.

power injection capability

With no septum to tear or chamber to gather sludge, our ports can be used in power injection settings such as chemotherapy and tumor imaging, allowing for a direct pipeline into the vasculature.

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About our technology


TO provide high-flow, Safe, reliable access, time and time again, without clinician needle sticks or device misses.


We take the guesswork and stick-risk out of vascular access - the clinician simply activates the port with an enclosed, external actuator placed on the skin over the port area. The dilating needles then present themselves safely up through the skin and into this enclosure every time.

large bore access

Our large bore access improves flow efficiency without the cell lysis of small-bore needles while taking the guesswork out of port access. Imagine large-bore, high-flow access that opens completely new markets that were previously inaccessible to ports.

A reverse needle

Versago literally means “reverse needle”. Our groundbreaking technology presents needle access up from an implanted port and into an enclosure where clinicians can safely gain large-bore, high-flow access without missed targets or needle sticks.